Octopus Books


Huge Cloudy (Octopus Books)

Refugium (chapbook , Alice Blue Books) 


Ploughshares (Spring 2017)
"Parable: Jackrabbit Belly"

Conduit (Fall 2016)
"Huge Cloudy" (feat. in Verse Daily)

Los Angeles Review (Fall 2016)
"The Month is Not a Metaphor"

Willow Springs (Winter 2016)
"What a Navy"

Iowa Review (Winter 2016)
"Ships vs. Shops"

Pleiades (Summer 2015)
"The Desired Change Will Occur" (feat. in Verse Daily
       and as a broadside via Octopus Books)
"Grace, Then Meat"

Big Big Wednesday (Summer 2014)
"Something about a Fire"
"The Contour is Essential"
"Path Upon the Heads"

Pacifica (Spring 2014)
"Mutual Forest"

Poetry Northwest (Summer/Fall 2014)
"Kiko is Missing"
"Just Friends"
"A Ring for Each Finger"
"Screen Memory"

Burnside Review (Fall 2014)
"Sonnet for Patrick"
"Sonnet for Daniel"

Poetry Northwest (Spring/Summer 2013)

Pageboy Magazine (December 2012)
"Mutual Fish"



Sixth Finch (January 2019)
”Laurus Nobilis, Sweet Bay, True or Grecian Laurel”

City Arts (January 2018)
from "Bounding Sphere"

Warscapes (October 2017)
"The There There"
"Sword of Spain"

Powder Keg (September 2017)
"Like Indigenous Features of the Landscape"
"Said Austerlitz"

Pinwheel (August 2017)
"Deer Stream"

Boston Review (June 2017)
"Not a Moat"

Poetry Society of America (March 2017)
"Silk Nor Say" (winner of the 2017 The Writer Magazine/Emily Dickinson Award)

Okey-Panky (October 2016)
"Troublesome Pilot"
"Home from the Quaking Bog"

Seattle Review of Books (April 2016)
"The Quick"

Poor Claudia (February 2016)
"All Is Retained Which Has Not Been Surrendered"

The Volta (February 2015)

Sixth Finch (Winter 2015)

City Arts (November 2014)
"A Faith"

Pinwheel (Winter 2014)
"All Twelve Acres of the Rockefeller Center are Dark Tonight"
"Beam Me Up, Buttercup"

New Orleans Review (December 2013)
"Mutual Pork"
"Sunday Machine"
"The Great Skedaddle"

Transom Journal (Fall 2013)
"The Watchtower"

Phantom (Fall 2013)
"Jury Duty"
"In Deserto"

Hobart (July 2013)
"Sound for Fishes"
"Air in Plants"
"Friction and Air"
"Plants' Breath"
"A Mystery Flame"
"I'm Busting Out"

Sixth Finch (Winter 2013)
"Ocean, the Great Conductor"

"The Star Talers"

Sixth Finch (Fall 2011)


Interview with Tishman Review (Fall 2016)




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